Week 27 & 28

16. July 2017

Lots has happened in the last two weeks starting with the worst jetlag in my life. But a week in I could finally sleep properly at night again and felt like I had arrived back in Germany (as much as I would have preferred to stay in Asia). Besides being able to eat as much cheese as I want again and buy nice wine for a 10th of the price it would cost me in Taipei it felt so good to see all my friends and my family again. You truly realize how much you missed them when you see them again because I am not one that gets homesick easily. I also decided to spend a couple of days in Maastricht because whenever I did think about home it wasn’t Germany but Maastricht that I missed. Spending time with my friends on one of the most sunny weekends in history (not really but you know when I lived there we were always busy studying in the library) never felt this good.

This week I am back at home starting to get myself organized. Handing in last things to my University so my grades can be transferred, booking tickets for the upcoming weeks, finalizing my CV…all boring organizational stuff. It’s not fun but it must be done. To distract myself from the hard word now and then I browsed for the best streetstyles during Berlin Fashion week. My very favorite visual diaries from Berlin Fashion Week come from Alice M. Huynh. Besides all the working (it wasn’t that bad after all) I managed to get a haircut because the one thing that was driving me insane at the moment was my hair. It has gotten so long and just looks plain boring.

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