Week 6

12. February 2017

Arriving in Manila, the Philippines, felt a little bit like arriving in a different world. The city is hectic, humid, narrow and we were lucky enough to experience it in ongoing rain. The weather really seems to be on my side these days.

In all honesty my start with the city wasn’t the best, the airport was so so hectic, the drive from the airport took more than double the usual time (be prepared for some crazy traffic in Manila), security guards kept following me from the moment I left the taxi so I would arrive safe at the AirBnB and finally the rain. I still haven’t completely figured out if I love or hate the city but we made our way to Cebu after our two nights in Manila anyways. Turns out life is a lot slower there and it’s safer to run around by yourself, too. Still be careful at night time – might be better to just get a cab instead of risking anything (the cabs are so cheap for Europeans, too).

We explored the city for two days and then made a day trip to Bohol, where I didn’t take so many photos because I was still taking it all in. But it’s all in my head and some things are best just seen and not photographed.

The next day we got a great tip from the barkeeper at the Social in Cebu City to go to Camotes Islands and since we didn’t have a concrete itinerary anyways we booked the ferry for the next day 6am. And the next thing we know we are in actual heaven.

More on heaven and Camotes Islands next week!

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  1. I want to go to the Philippines myself! I know, all South East Asia countries are a lil bit hectic and messy but they have the best and friendliest people! You will love at the end of the day!

    xx Margaret

  2. Wieder so tolle Impressionen, meine Liebe! Huch, was du erzählst klingt teils ganz schön heftig … Aber ich bin echt schon gespannt, wie dein weiterer Aufenthalt auf den Philippinen sich so entwickelt 🙂

    xx Sarah-Allegra

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