Comfort & Style with the MYCS PYLLOW SOFA

1. April 2021



Like everything else with the new apartment the mood-boarding for the living room had started many many months before even moving. While there are many beautiful designy sofa pieces out there some of them are really not that practical nor comfortable. For me, it was essential to find a sofa that would be both comfortable and satisfy my desire for design. With the MCYS PYLLOW SOFA all my must have’s were ticked. Since I don’t have a dog or children and don’t plan on either in the foreseeable future I wanted the dream sofa to be light beige. I am sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you since my colour palette has been all shades of beige for a while now.

That was my starting point for what came once I had found the perfect apartment last December. Just before Christmas, I started playing around with their configurator. At that point I had already measured the living room and therefore knew how big I could go and what shape would likely work. While I love 2 and 3-seater sofas and such my living room shape was made for an L-shaped sofa. I was pleased with the idea of an L-shaped sofa as it invites you to lounge on there and it’s just very comfortable, isn’t it?

After the shape was all figured out the big big question of colour and material came up. Luckily, MYCS has a showroom in Berlin (Friedrichstraße 123, 10117 Berlin), where I could test-sit the sofa, feel all the different fabrics and review the different colours available. For those that don’t live in Berlin do not worry you can always order free material and colour samples from the MYCS website. I would highly recommend to do so as the one thing I learnt since decorating my appartment is the colours in any configurator are never perfectly accurate. Back to the showroom, the staff answered all my numerous questions about material and care instructions. See I wanted to do the whole sofa purchasing right – never had a sofa in my life before. For the material, I ended up going for the VEGAN WOOL as it’s softer on your skin but has the look and feel of normal wool. Besides, it’s water resistant and a little easier to maintain than the normal wool. For the colour, as previously mentioned I went for a beige. The exact colour is CASHMERE BEIGE – a very light beige.

Now that I have lived with the sofa for over a month I can say that it is extremely comfortable and it fits into the living room perfectly. The one thing that might slightly bug me in the future is that there is a lot of pilling going on. I usually don’t wear blazers or suit pants on the sofa since that’s what loungewear was invented for but obviously my guests sometimes are. So that’s something to consider if you go for a woolen sofa.