Dongdaemun Design Plaza: Featuring Acne Blazer

18. October 2018

blazer ACNE STUDIOS (sold out) |  dress c/o MAGALI PASCAL  |  sneakers c/o SOREL

bag MANGO  |  sunglasses YUN  |  necklace CELINE

While being in Seoul yours truly obviously took her chance to shoot at another space designed by Zaha Hadid. The Dongdaemun Design Plaza hosts a Museum, several design shops and all sorts of cultural festivals all year around. It’s funny how life plays you sometimes and I didn’t expect to be able to see another of Hadid’s designs in the near future but there I was walking around at this incredible space. The light and shadow plays of the place are incredible. It was interesting to witness the light once in the evening when the sun was setting and the front with the bridge leading inside was filled with golden light and then in the early morning hours when the back was filled with morning sun, which was also the time these photos were taken. The plaza is a crowded place and to shoot in peace and quiet one had to have an early morning start, which makes sense if you are doing a city trip anways.

While choosing my outfit I wanted to make sure that it didn’t contrast the place but rather complimented the architecture. Which is why I opted for the black MAGALI PASCAL slip dress that falls nicely while walking – similar to the wave shape of the architecture. The blazer is an all-time favorite from ACNE STUDIOS that I bought while in Copenhagen for FW earlier this year. Accessories are kept simple with my new MANGO bag (the perfect the ROW lookalike) and a pair of black SOREL sneakers. Those lastly mentioned have been so high on rotation during my city trip and many have asked – they are the most comfortable, lightweight sneakers I own.

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