Olive is the new black

14. February 2019


jacket EDITED |  knit c/o ARKET  |  jeans WEEKDAY  |  sunglasses CELINE (brown)

bag c/o KOZHA NUMBERS  |  boots MAISON MARGIELA (black)

I have never hidden the fact that I like my wardrobe full of timeless basics, which can be worn all year around and that don’t scream out in neon colors. The loyal reader knows that I don’t often splurge on an investment piece that cannot be worn pretty much every day. So how did I bring myself to purchasing the MAISON MARGIELA tabi boots in a beautiful olive green? Even though I strongly dislike olives I do love olive green in my wardrobe that is. Yes, clearly trying my hardest to avoid answering questions nobody but myself raised. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Last year I felt more and more like the foundation of my wardrobe was complete. I had my basics sorted out, it was easy to get dressed in the mornings and I added some investment bags to my collection. If you are feeling like there is a “but” waiting around the corner, you are on the right track. I felt like there was still something missing, my wardrobe had become too basic for the girl that started her journey in fashion with a blog called BASIC APPAREL. Ironic, I know. Hence, I decided to add some variety to my wardrobe, may that be through colors, shapes or out-of-the-ordinary investment pieces this year. I had always secretly and not-so-secretly lusted over the MAISON MARGIELA tabi boots in black. Personally, I believe they are a timeless classic even though they are definitely out-of-the-ordinary for most people. While trying them on for the very first time in the Margiela Paris boutique my eyes did catch the olive version and let’s say it was love at first sight. The decision making did involve a lot of “but they are less timeless, aren’t they?” and “will I wear them often enough – they are NOT black” but in the end I did go for the colorful option. Considering I spend more than my monthly rent on them I am very happy to say that it was decision I do not regret one bit.


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